School News

08/12/2017 Weekly Update 08/12/17

S4 Parents’ Evening 12/12/17

S4 pupils have been issued with a letter this week about the Parents’ Evening on Tuesday 12th December.  Parents are now able to go online and book the teacher appointments.  A copy of...

01/12/2017 Weekly Update 01/12/17

S5/6 Tracking Reports & Parents’ Evening 07/12/17

S5/6 pupils have been issued with their tracking report this week which also contains a letter about the S5/6 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 7th December.  Parents...

24/11/2017 Weekly Update 24/11/17

Keep Kelso / KHS Tidy!

Pupils are reminded to respect both their school and their community and ensure that they use rubbish bins provided around school and the town to dispose of any litter.  If anyone has any...

17/11/2017 Weekly Update 17/11/17

New School

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support with the move into the new school. We have been delighted with the smooth transition and are very proud of positive approach of our young...

03/11/2017 Weekly Update 03/11/17

School Move Information

Please find attached below a copy of the parental letter that has been emailed out detailing all the information around the imminent move to our new school.

Impact Biometrics is coming...