School News

10/06/2016 Weekly Update 10/06/16

P7 Visitors

Kelso High School had the pleasure of working with the P7 pupils from all our Primary schools for two days this week.  Although some students looked a little nervous on the first morning they all embraced...

03/06/2016 Weekly Update 03/06/16

Change of Timetable

To allow timetables to be issued, all pupils are to attend their House Time class at 8.50am on Monday.  Another bell will ring at 9.05am following which pupils will move to their new period 1 class...

27/05/2016 Weekly Update 27/05/16

Battlefields Experience

Pupils should arrive at school at 8.00pm on Saturday.  Please note any parents bringing cars should enter through the back gates via Orchard Park.  In order for the buses to be able to turn...

20/05/2016 Weekly Update 20/05/16

School Uniform 2016/17

Uniforms don’t help pass exams.  However Kelso High School is so much more than just passing exams.  We strive to ensure all our pupils do the best they possibly can as they prepare to go...

13/05/2016 Weekly Update 13/05/16

Modern Studies – Study / Help Sessions

The Modern Studies Exams are due to take place on Monday 30th May.  The following study / help sessions will be held in Room 56/61 as follows:

Monday 23 May - 10.00 - 12.30...