School News

15/06/2018 Weekly Update 15/05/18

School Uniform Orders

Please order your uniform from Border Embroideries (there is a direct link to the website to right of this page).  All orders place by 26th July will be delivered to your home in time for...

08/06/2018 Weekly Update 08/06/18

S6 Pupil Leadership Team 2018/19

New S6 pupils are now able to submit applications for the Pupil Leadership Team 2018/19. The application form can be found in the school bag to the right of this page.  The deadline for...

02/06/2018 Weekly Update 01/06/18

Change of Timetable Arrangements - Monday 04/06/17

All students should report to their Registration class at 8:50am where they will be issued with their new Timetables.  They will remain in this class until 9:15am and...

25/05/2018 Weekly Update 25/05/18

GTCS - Excellence in Professional Learning Award for Kelso High School

The Excellence in Professional Learning Award for Schools recognises the central role that leadership at all levels plays in creating and sustaining...

18/05/2018 Weekly Update 18/05/18

Leavers Evening 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances the S6 Leavers Evening will now take place on Tuesday 5th June not Wednesday 6th June.  Information will be sent home in due course.

S6 Residential...