Weekly Update 21/12/17

Christmas Events

The last week of term has been very busy indeed!  On Monday night our S1-3 Social was a great success and enjoyed by all.  On Wednesday night the hall was thronged again for our Senior Social - another successful evening.  Today, we enjoyed more fine musical performances and readings during our Christmas Service at Kelso North Church led by Rev A Rodwell .  A great deal of hard work goes into all of these events and we are very grateful to all concerned whether pupil, parent or staff member for their support - you can now have a very well-earned rest for two weeks!  We send all learners and their families our best wishes for the Festive Season and look forward to working with you in 2018. The new term begins on Monday 8th January 2018.

Resilient Schools

In the case of bad weather and Resilient Schools being invoked, KHS will be open for S1 to S3 pupils only.  Transport will not run on a Resilient School day therefore bus pupils should not be brought in by parents as staffing is based on pupils who can walk to school only.

EMA Payments before Christmas

Pupils that receive EMA will get their next payment into their accounts on Friday 22nd December not Friday 29th December due to the Christmas Holidays.

Biking to/from School

A reminder now we are into the dark mornings and evenings that children stay safe when biking to and from school.  Please ensure bikes have front and back lights and pupils are wearing appropriate protective wear and can be seen by motorists.

Keep Kelso / KHS Tidy!

Pupils are reminded to respect both their school and their community and ensure that they use rubbish bins provided around school and the town to dispose of any litter.  If anyone has any suggestions on how we can promote this to stop littering please contact KHS at Kelso[email protected].

KHS Canteen w/c 08/01/18






Traditional Favourites

Macaroni Cheese



Roast Ham


Chicken Curry


Vegetable Curry



Spaghetti Bolognaise


Veggie Bolognaise

Hot sandwiches

Chicken Goujons


Roasted Vegetable Stir fry

Pulled Pork


Veggie Burger

Fish Goujons


Oriental Vegetable Fajitas

Chicken Fillet


Fish Fingers


Cold sandwiches

Egg Savoury


Brie and Salad

5 Bean salad



Roast Ham


Scottish Cheddar


Chicken Mayo


Ham and Cheddar

Readymade Sandwiches

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Soup of the day



Cream of Vegetable

Cream of Chicken

Also available every day:  Pizza and Baked Potatoes

Gluten Free options also available.

All these meals can always be ordered early in the day or on the day before as a Grab and Go to save pupils waiting at lunchtime.

Job / Apprenticeship Opportunities