Weekly Update 19/05/17

KHS Parent Council Meeting

The next KHS Parent Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 25th May 2017 at 7.00pm.  We are looking to discuss the following points:

 * New School - Update

* Financial Position - Update (funds available to spend!)

* What is the future vision for the Parent Council, School and Community? (What do parents want?)  All welcome!

Home Economics now on ParentPay!
Due to the popularity of ParentPay we have now given parents the option to pay for S1, S2 and S3 Home Economics and S2 Baking Option lessons online.  This can be paid as a one off payment or in partial payments over the year and removes the need for pupils to pay at each cooking lesson.
These payment items will show up on your ParentPay account now however this is for the new session starting on Monday 5th June 2017.

U14 Sports Tours

Both Hockey and Rugby squads were touring recently to Perth and Manchester respectively.  The Hockey squad were hosted by Dunfermline High School, Perth Grammar School, Perth Academy and Perth High School.  Matches were played in both small sided games and on the full pitch, with all players contributing some fantastic Hockey.  Players also took part in important squad bonding activities including Go Karting, Bowling, Swimming and Shopping.  We had 3 days of fabulous weather and a big thanks to Mary Weir and Susan Lawrence for leading the group on such a great experience.

The Rugby squad assembled for a trip to Manchester led by Craig Dods (KRFC Development Officer), Mr Gordon and Mr Brown.  First up was a training session with Sale Shark Academy staff where players worked on developing decision making, passing and catching and evasive running.  Following this, the players formed the Guard of Honour as Sale Sharks and Bath Rugby took to the field for their final league game of the season.  Seeing some of the top players up close such as George Ford and Taulupe Faletau was a great experience.  The following day, two squads played in the Macclesfield 7s in baking hot conditions with some mixed results, but plenty of endeavour.

Both tours were a great success and provided all the pupils with a great way to round off their seasons.

Opportunity for S5 Pupils - Georgia Rotary Student Programme (GRSP)

Please see attached information below regarding an opportunity for young people who will be aged 18 (and no older than 25) by 01 August 2018 to undertake a course of study at a University College in Georgia, USA commencing in the Autumn of 2018 running through to May 2019. 

Pupil Leadership Team 2017/18

Calling all S5 pupils that are interested in being part of the Pupil Leadership Team for session 2017/18, please complete the application form in the ‘school bag’ (to the right of this screen).  The closing date is 9th June 2017.

Equestrian Update

Floors Horse Trials - we were absolutely delighted at how many teams KHS were able to field at our “home” event!  Our number of fantastic riders & teams is envied by schools across the country!  It was also good to see results from our feeder primary schools; the future looks bright for riders coming up to KHS soon!

Please note that the fact that teams qualified DOES NOT mean that they will definitely be going to Addington as each school is only allowed 3 teams/class and we have already got teams in each height qualified from Howe in Fife and there are still qualifiers to come at ISEC in September.

Thank you again to everybody who helped by being Arena Party, you were a credit to yourselves, your parents and the school!  The judges etc. were again raving about how efficient and quick you all were!  The 3 days work raised over £1000 for our Championship fundraising - well done.

Well done and thank you to both Louise & Rosie who were riding in their final school qualifier before they head out into the big world.  Although both Louise & Rowan have already qualified for Addington and hopefully will be coming with us in October.  We wish all of you all the best for the future and look forward to hearing what you get up to.



1st           Lyall Roberts                      Embley Zeta                       Longridge Towers
2nd          Sam Herdman                   Glenford Little Jack         Whittingham CofE

3rd           Poppy Doods                     Bermos Lady                      Whittingham C of E

4th           Grace Manners                 May                                       Longridge Towers

5th           Lexie Marshall                   Landswood Diamond Edition      St Boswells Primary
6th           Louise Webster                Lindisfarne Grouse          Longridge Towers


1st          Moray Turnbull                 Merlin                                   East Plean Primary  QUAL

2nd          Daisy Scott Watson         Who’s Zigzag                      Sprouston Primary QUAL

3rd           Rory McFadyen                Cevara Curly Q                  Morebattle Primary

4th         Emma Scott Watson       Swannieston Simply Red              Sprouston

5th           Rory McFadyen                Topaz                                    Morebattle

6th           Sophie Smith                     Carrhouse Exchange Rate            Jedburgh Grammar

1st           Whiingham C of E Primary (Poppy Dods, Sam Herdman, Frankie Herdman) QUAL

2nd          Sprouston PS (Daisy Scott Watson, Emma Scott Watson, Joanna Howlett) QUAL

3rd           Morebattle PS (John Tweedie, Ellie Abrams, Rory McFadyen)

4th           Longridge Towers 2 (Grace Manners, Matilda Aplin, Monty Aplin)

5th           Kelso High (Sarah Walker, Olivia Hogarth, Katy McFadyen)

6th           Longridge Towers 1 (Lyall Roberts, Alexandra Carrington, Louise Webster)



1st           Katy McFadyen                 Seans Delight                     Kelso High Already Qual

2nd          Katy McFadyen                 Mileage For Milo              Kelso High           QUAL

3rd           Vicky Edgar                         Millon Star                          Kelso High           QUAL

4th           Vicky Edgar                         Ardagh Bobby                   Kelso High

5th           Katie Edgar                         Eryns Og                              Kelso High

6th           Amy Ralston                       Curravordy Builders Blue              Kelso High


1st           Kelso High (Linton)          (Vicky Edgar, Katie Edgar, Alex Edgar, Katy McFadyen) QUAL
2nd          Kelso High (Morebattle)  (Vicky Edgar, Alex Edgar, Katie Edgar, Katy McFadyen) QUAL

3rd           Kelso High (Hendersyde) (Emily Edgar, Katy McFadyen, Duncan McFadyen, Rosie Robson)

4th           Kelso High (Springwood) (Amy Ralston, Olivia Hogarth, Louise Hebdon, Olivia Stratford)

5th           Kelso High (Horsemarket) (Emily Edgar, Sarah Walker, Katie Edgar, Duncan McFadyen)

6th           Morebattle Primary (John Tweedie, Ellie Abrams, Rory McFadyen)

1st           Katy McFadyen                 Seans Delight                     Kelso High  QUAL

2nd          Katie Edgar                         Eryns Og                              Kelso High QUAL

3rd           Katie Edgar                         Ardagh Airborne              Kelso High

4th           Vicky Edgar                         Ardagh Bobby                   Kelso High

5th           Sinead Russell                   Earthquake Echo              The Mary Erskine School

6th           Emily Edgar                         Cairnview Corrie               Kelso High


1st           The Mary Erskine School (Sinead Russell, Fraser Sinclair, Naomi McLay, Frankie Campbell) QUAL

2nd          Kelso High (Linton) QUAL

3rd           Kelso High (Morebattle)

4th           Strathallan (Alasdair Macdonald, Meghan Macdonald, Millie Wilson, Sophia Henderson)

5th           Kelso High (Teviot) (Vicky Edgar, Emily Edgar, Katie Edgar)

6th           Kelso High (Tweed) (Rosie Robson, Duncan McFadyen, Emily Edgar)


1st           Amy Ralston                       Curravordy Builders Blue              Kelso High QUAL
2nd          Sinead Russell                   Earthquake Echo                             The Mary Erskine School  QUAL

3rd           Katie Bennet                      Montana V111                                  Earlston High

4th           Vicky Edgar                         Ardagh Bobby                                   Kelso High

5th           Louise Hebdon                  KEC Hanzel                                          Kelso High

6th           Katie Edgar                         Ardagh Airborne                              Kelso High



1st           Louise Hebdon                  KEC Hanzel                          Kelso High  QUAL

2nd          Daragh Ramage                Aniels                                    Peebles High  QUAL

3rd           Fraser Sinclair                    Vladimir D                           The Mary Erskine School

KHS Canteen 22/05/17






Traditional Favourites

Macaroni Cheese


Chicken Burger


Roast Beef


Cheese & Salmon Flan

Chicken Curry


Vegetable Curry

Fish Fingers


Cheese and Ham Slice

Hot sandwiches

BBQ meatballs


Sweet and Sour Stir Fry

Poached Egg & Black Pudding


Chicken & Garlic Mushrooms

Shredded Beef and Red Pepper


Cheesy Vegetables

Beef Burgers


Sweet Quorn & caramelised Onions

Cold Sandwiches



Cheese & Tomato


Brie and Celery Salad


Turkey Mayo

Salmon & Salsa Dressing


Corned Beef & Tomato



Brie & salad

Ready Made Sandwiches

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Soup of the day


Tomato & Herb




Also available every day:  Pizza and Baked Potatoes

Gluten Free options also available.

All these meals can always be ordered early in the day or on the day before as a Grab and Go to save pupils waiting at lunchtime.

Job / Apprenticeship Opportunities



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