Weekly Update 12/01/18

Welcome Back!

We hope that all learners and their families have had an enjoyable festive holiday and wish everyone all the best for a happy, healthy and successful year in 2018.


Because, good science starts with a good question, we asked 25 members of Kelso High School Bee Club the following question - What do you wonder about bees?  The challenge for our young people was to make a short film that answers their question, using a digital device that they had in their pocket.  To make the most of the day we invited experts for support - we got lucky!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMEigdYgyzI

Road crossing @ Angraflat

Please can I remind all our young people that they must use the traffic light crossing that is provided when leaving the school grounds.  It has been noted, from members of our community, that it is mostly our senior pupils are not using the designated crossing and instead manoeuvre through the parked cars in the pick-up areas.  This is a real concern, due to the time of the night, it is very busy and there are a lot of cars out with parking bays.  Visibility for anyone is very poor.

Rotary Young Chef

On Wednesday we welcomed the Rotary Club for the Rotary Young Chef Competition - Area Final.  Pupils took part from Kelso, Berwickshire High School and Langholm Academy.  The winners came from Berwickshire High School (Courtney Bell) and Langholm Academy (Callum Jeffrey) and will go through to the District Final in Livingston later this year.  We wish them both the best of luck.

KHS pupils (Niamh O'Brien and Paris Brogan) did very well indeed and were a credit to the school.  A big thank you must go to the Rotary Club, the Home Economics Department and judges Justin Orde (Orde Catering) and Colin Thomson (Cross Keys Hotel).  Photos below.

Resilient Schools

In the case of bad weather and Resilient Schools being invoked, KHS will be open for S1 to S3 pupils only.  Transport will not run on a Resilient School day therefore bus pupils should not be brought in by parents as staffing is based on pupils who can walk to school only.

Parent Council 50/50 Lottery – December 2017

This month, the numbers drawn were 11, 14 and 16.  Unfortunately there were no matches so the prize fund will roll over to next month.  Good Luck!!

Biking to/from School

A reminder now we are into the dark mornings and evenings that children stay safe when biking to and from school.  Please ensure bikes have front and back lights and pupils are wearing appropriate protective wear and can be seen by motorists.

Keep Kelso / KHS Tidy!

Pupils are reminded to respect both their school and their community and ensure that they use rubbish bins provided around school and the town to dispose of any litter.  If anyone has any suggestions on how we can promote this to stop littering please contact KHS at [email protected].

KHS Canteen w/c 15/01/18






Traditional Favourites

Macaroni Cheese


Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Roast Beef


Cheese and Potato Slice

Chilli Con Carne


Vegetable Chilli

Steak  Pie


Vegetable Hotpot

Hot sandwiches

Chicken Fajitas


Quorn and Peppers

Cheese Toasted Bagel


Salmon and Vegetable salsa

Sweet Chilli Beef


BBQ stir fry

Plain or Piri Piri Chicken


Veggie Sausage


Cold sandwiches

Coronation Chicken


Tuna Savoury

Chicken Mayo


Cheese Savoury

Cheese, Celery Mayo wrap


Ham & Brie

Chicken Tikka


Savoury Egg and salad

Readymade Sandwiches

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Soup of the day

Cream of Mushroom

Scotch Broth


French Onion

Also available every day:  Pizza and Baked Potatoes

Gluten Free options also available.

All these meals can always be ordered early in the day or on the day before as a Grab and Go to save pupils waiting at lunchtime.

Job / Apprenticeship Opportunities



Weekly Update 12/01/18
Weekly Update 12/01/18
Weekly Update 12/01/18
Weekly Update 12/01/18