Weekly Update 09/06/17

New S3 / S4 Pupils - Duke of Edinburgh

Please see the parental presentation attached below from the meeting this week.

PE Kit

The recent hot weather highlighted a couple of issues around PE kit and pupils attitude towards changing.  Several pupils who had PE period 1 arrived changed for PE and then after class told staff they had forgotten their uniform.  In most cases, further discussion revealed that this was not the case and pupils had chosen not to bring uniform.  We pride ourselves on showing we belong to Kelso High School and wearing uniform is part of this.  Pupils making decisions such as this should not happen.

Furthermore, the wearing of PE kit to lessons after classes is unhygienic and may be unpleasant for other people within classrooms.  It is far better to have put fresh clothes on following a lesson.  There are showers that can be used should pupils wish to use these.  Simply let your PE Teacher know at the start of the lesson and they can arrange for some extra time to do this.

 At the change of timetable, all pupils will be expected to report for PE lessons period 1 in their uniform.  This will be monitored by PE staff and occurrences of this reported back to Pastoral staff.  With regards to footwear, we ask that pupils do not wear the same shoes to PE as they wear walking around outside.  This helps protect the surfaces of our workspaces and reinforcing this now will help us when we move to our brand new facilities in the Autumn.

Scottish Borders Under 18s Schools Mountain Bike Race

Entries are now open for Scottish Borders Under 18s Schools Mountain Bike Race at Bowhill House, Selkirk.  On Saturday 9th September we have the annual XC (Cross country) style race for each year group from P3 up which decides which girl and which boy will be the 2017/18 Scottish Borders XC Champion in each year group and which school will receive the School's Championship Trophy.  To enter search: "Scottish Borders Under 18s XC" on British Cycling's website or visit: https://tinyurl.com/y83wn5cc

More information: www.liveborders.org.uk/cycling and facebook.com/cyclingdevelopment

KHS Canteen 12/06/17






Traditional Favourites



Lorne Sausage



BBQ Meatballs

Chicken Pie



Sausage and onion


Veggie  Stroganoff

Hot sandwiches

Chicken and mushroom


Sweet and Sour Quorn


Cheesy Egg &

Spring Onion Bap



Chicken & Black Pudding wrap


Oriental Stir fry

Chicken Tikka


Veggie Burger

Cold Sandwiches



Lemon salmon Mayo and salad

Chicken Tikka Mayo


Tuna and Salad

Roast Turkey


Egg and Watercress

Coronation Chicken


Brie & Salad

Ready Made Sandwiches

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Ham, Cheese, Tuna or Egg

Soup of the day





Job / Apprenticeship Opportunities



New vacancies at The Abbotsford Trust

The Abbotsford Trust is currently recruiting for three new posts to join our Heritage Engagement and Gardens teams.  These posts have been created to deliver a new two year learning & engagement project entitled Learning in a Heritage Landscape – Transforming Work:

•        Outdoor Heritage Engagement Officer (full-time, fixed term)

•        Heritage Engagement Assistant (variable hours, fixed term)

•        Modern Apprentice in Horticulture (full-time, fixed term, day release to attend college)

The Outdoor Heritage Engagement Officer will be responsible for delivering the project outcomes in collaboration with Heritage Engagement and Gardens staff and volunteers. Their remit will be to increase opportunities for children, young people and adults to use the Abbotsford site for learning, developing new skills, accessing training, increasing employability and accessing new social opportunities through activities set within the gardens and estates at Abbotsford.

The Heritage Engagement Assistant is a variable hours contract to support the delivery of learning & engagement activities both within the historic house and the gardens and estate with a range of audiences.

The Modern Apprentice in Horticulture is a full-time post open to 19-24 year olds with day release to attend Borders College.

For more information, job descriptions and application packs please see our website at:  http://www.scottsabbotsford.com/about/vacancies.

Berwickshire Housing Association

Apprenticeships available – poster attached.

Scottish Public Pensions Agency (Tweedbank) - Modern Apprenticeship

Office Administrator - Please note the closing date is today!  To apply click on the link below:


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