Weekly Update 08/03/19

S3 into S4 Choice of Course Day 11/03/19

Our current S3 pupils will make their subject choices for S4 on Monday 11th March.  Each pupil will be allocated a time slot to meet with a senior staff member in the Library and discuss/record their choices.  Details of pupil time slots are displayed at the Office and on the whiteboard in the foyer.  Please make sure your youngster comes prepared with his/her choice of course form completed and signed.

Individual course information can be found on the KHS website under the options tab.

Careers Fair - Thursday 14th March

An opportunity for all our young people, from S1 – S6 along with parents/carers to drop into school between 6pm – 8pm on Thursday 14th.  We will have over 35 stalls showcasing many different and diverse local employers and companies, including information from Borders College.  This is an informal opportunity to chat about possible career pathways, courses, jobs and apprenticeships.

Senior Phase Parent Engagement Evening - Thursday 14thMarch

In tandem with the careers event, we are also offering the opportunity to meet staff on a 1:1 basis using our usual online parent booking system.  This is an additional parents evening and we are targeting those young people who require additional support/guidance with their preparation for their SQA exams or would like to discuss possible choices and pathways for next session.  To assist, individual staff did highlight within the recent reports who should be making an appointment.

Senior Phase Course Choice

S4 into S5 & S5 into S6 Course choice forms will be issued on Monday 11th March and their choice of course day is Monday 18th March.  More information to follow.

HPV Immunisations

Please return completed immunisation forms to school office ASAP to ensure pupils are given immunisations.  We are running low on backup forms so may not have enough for every pupil failing to return their named form.  Please note we cannot take consent over the telephone on the day from parents as there is no phone line in the Assembly Hall.

Girls who have already received 1 HPV immunisation will automatically be recalled for the next one as 2 are required to be fully immunised. The previous completed consent form covers both immunisations.  Please ensure your child wears a short sleeved shirt or vest under their shirt to ensure ease of immunisation - School Immunisation Team

HPV - Immunisation Session

Tuesday 12th March 2019   Venue: Assembly Hall

1B girls                  09.30

1K girls                  09.45

1T1 girls                10.10

Break                    10.30

1T2 girls                10.50

2B1 girls                11.10  

2B2 girls                11.20

2K1 girls                11.35

2K2 girls                11.45

2T girls                  12.00

Any S3, 4, 5 or 6 pupil that have returned a consent form - 12.15

Pupils should wear a short sleeved short or a vest/T shirt under shirt to ensure ease of immunisations.

Work Experience opportunity anyone in S4 or S5 and interested in working in the legal profession - see Pastoral Staff if interested

First Steps Legal Programme is a week-long experience programme which includes talks, interactive workshops and other experiences aimed at providing pupils with an insight into what it’s like to work in the legal profession.

How do pupils apply?

1.       Fill in theapplication form electronically(collect this from your Pastoral teacher)

2.       Send by email to [email protected]

3.       Application Deadline is Friday 15th March 2019

If you have any questions about the programme or application process, please contact theRBS First Steps team directly on [email protected].

S3 Battlefields Experience 2019

The fourth instalment for the above trip is now overdue.  Please make payments via ParentPay or to the School Office.  Cheques should be made payable to Kelso High School.

Curling Success

Congratulations to Kyle McLain (S5) who has been selected by the Matt Murdoch Curling Foundation to attend the 2019 Trillium Training Camp in Ontario, Canada.  Kyle has been selected as one of two Scottish participants to travel to the camp to train alongside some of the best young curlers in the world.  Kyle will be accompanied by Scott Andrews, who will act as a mentor for the Scottish players.  Scott won a Silver medal at the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and will provide valuable insight into what it takes to step up to the top level.

We wish Kyle all the best for his travels in August and look forward to hearing all about it.

Equestrian Success

Minta Younger’s (S4) South Of Scotland Select Vaulting Team won the ”Team Of The Year” at the Horse Scotland Awards on Friday night in Dunblane - well done!

What a great start to the season for the Kelso High School Equestrian Team!
The 5 riders had 2 massive days lasting more than 16 hours each day - including driving home in a snowstorm and getting over Soutra just before the snow gates shut on Sunday night!

The first day was Jumping with Style at Greenlands just South of Carlisle. The courses were full up to height and very tricky.

5th - Rory McFadyen (Glynebourne Degas)
7th - Rory McFadyen (Hawkmoon Lady Luck)

3rd - Rory (Glynebourne Degas), Alex Edgar (Ardagh Msillio), Vicky Edgar (Ballingowas Flash) and Katy McFadyen (Glynebourne Back to Black)

1st - Vicky Edgar (Ardagh Bobby), Alex Edgar (Cairnview Corry), Katie Edgar (Ardagh Airbourne) and Katy McFadyen (Hawkmoon Lady Luck) QUAL

1st - Vicky (Ballingowan Flash) QUAL
2nd - Vicky (Ardagh Bobby) QUAL

4th - Katie (Ardagh Airbourne) QUAL

6th - Katy (Hawkmoon Lady Luck)


1st - Vicky, Alex, Katie, Katy QUAL

1st - Katie (Ardagh Airbourne) QUAL

5th - Vicky (Ballingowan Flash)


2nd - Katie (Ardagh Airbourne) QUAL

On Sunday we travelled to Howe in Fife in very strong wind on the way up and in snow on the way down!


1st - Rory McFadyen (Glynebourne Degas) QUAL

1st - Katie (CS Simply Junger), Alex (Ardagh Msillio), Rory (Glynebourne Degas) and Katy (Miss Majestica) QUAL

2nd - Katie (CS Simply Junger) QUAL

4th - Alex (Ardagh Msillio) QUAL

6th - Katy (Miss Majestica)


1st - Vicky (Ardagh Bobby), Katie (Ardagh Airbourne), Alex (Cairnview Corry) and Katy (Hawkmoon Lady Luck) QUAL

2nd - Katy (Hawkmoon Lady Luck) QUAL

3rd - Katie (CS Simply Junger) QUAL

4th - Katie (Ardagh Airbourne) QUAL

5th - Vicky (Ardagh Bobby)

8th - Katy (Miss Majestica)


1st - Vicky (Ardagh Bobby), Katie (Ardagh Airbourne), Alex (Cairnview Corry) and Katy (Hawkmoon Lady Luck) QUAL

2nd - Katy (Hawkmoon Lady Luck) QUAL

3rd - Katie (Ardagh Airbourne) QUAL

4th - Vicky (Ardagh Bobby) QUAL

Well done to all the riders and parents – it was a massive weekend!

Katie, Alex, Katy & Vicky were also under extra pressure on Sunday as they had Mr Brown from KHS and Miss Auld from Perth Grammar there assessing them for their Nat 5 PE!

The next qualifiers will be JwS at ISEC on 4th May and SJ at Floors on 11th May – hopefully we’ll get a few more riders at these more local venues.

KHS Canteen w/c 11/03/19






Traditional Favourites

Roast Turkey Dinner, Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic Bread or Macaroni Cheese with Garlic Bread

Steak Pie, Chicken Fajita Style Rice or Quorn Chilli


Chicken Korma, Lamb Madras or Butternut Squash with Chick Pea Curry

Fish & Chips, Chicken Grill & Chips or Vegetable Chow Mein


Hot Sandwiches

Chicken or BBQ Quorn Sausage

Beef Burger or Quorn Dippers


Chicken or Roasted Vegetables with Cheese

Turkey Meatballs or Vegetable Fajita

Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Selection of Cold Sandwiches

Baked Potato

Cheese or Beans

Cheese or Beans

Cheese or Beans

Cheese or Beans

Pizza / Pasta

Cheese or Pasta King

Cheese or Pasta King

Cheese or Pasta King

Cheese or Pasta King

Soup of the Day



Sweet Potato and Chilli


Also available every day:  Pizza and Baked Potatoes

Gluten Free options also available.

All these meals can always be ordered early in the day or on the day before as a Grab and Go to save pupils waiting at lunchtime.

Job / Apprenticeship Opportunities