Weekly Update 02/06/17

Change of Timetable Arrangements - Monday 05/06/17

All students should report to their House Time class at 8:50am where they will be issued with their new Timetables.  They will remain in this class until 9:20am and then proceed to their Period 1 class.

Timetable queries or problems: If a student has a problem with their Timetable then they should go to the Library where Pastoral and SLT will be available.

Activities Week

For the students who were in school this week we had a packed programme to follow.  On Tuesday we took part in ‘alternative sports’ with the young people and staff getting into the spirit of trying some new activities and working together as a team.  For the full day on Wednesday we were lucky to host the Royal Highland Education Trust, they provided a wide range of workshops to allow our young people to gain some hands on experience.  While on Thursday there were a variety of excursions and activities.

Thank you to all staff who made this possible.

Battlefields Trip 2017

All troops arrived home safe and sound from their tour of the battlefields.  A full update will be published next week.

New S3 / S4 Pupils - Duke of Edinburgh

Information was emailed home this week regarding The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award opportunities within KHS.  An information event is being held on Wednesday 7thJune 6.30pm - 7.15pm at KHS.  All welcome.

PE Kit

The recent hot weather highlighted a couple of issues around PE kit and pupils attitude towards changing.  Several pupils who had PE period 1 arrived changed for PE and then after class told staff they had forgotten their uniform.  In most cases, further discussion revealed that this was not the case and pupils had chosen not to bring uniform.  We pride ourselves on showing we belong to Kelso High School and wearing uniform is part of this.  Pupils making decisions such as this should not happen.

Furthermore, the wearing of PE kit to lessons after classes is unhygienic and may be unpleasant for other people within classrooms.  It is far better to have put fresh clothes on following a lesson.  There are showers that can be used should pupils wish to use these.  Simply let your PE Teacher know at the start of the lesson and they can arrange for some extra time to do this.

 At the change of timetable, all pupils will be expected to report for PE lessons period 1 in their uniform.  This will be monitored by PE staff and occurrences of this reported back to Pastoral staff.  With regards to footwear, we ask that pupils do not wear the same shoes to PE as they wear walking around outside.  This helps protect the surfaces of our workspaces and reinforcing this now will help us when we move to our brand new facilities in the Autumn.

Lottery Draw - May 2017

The numbers drawn for May were 3, 6 and 11.

Unfortunately there were no matches so the prize fund of £835.50 rolls over to next month.  Good Luck!!

Home Economics now on ParentPay!
Due to the popularity of ParentPay we have now given parents the option to pay for S1, S2 and S3 Home Economics and S2 Baking Option lessons online.  This can be paid as a one off payment or in partial payments over the year and removes the need for pupils to pay at each cooking lesson.
These payment items will show up on your ParentPay account now however this is for the new session starting on Monday 5th June 2017.

Pupil Leadership Team 2017/18

Calling all S5 pupils that are interested in being part of the Pupil Leadership Team for session 2017/18, please complete the application form in the ‘school bag’ (to the right of this screen).  The closing date is 9th June 2017.

Kelso 15s/16s Football Report Kelso 15s/16s Football Report

Kelso’s final league cup game was played last Sunday away at Lauder.  Still no word on the league situation next year so it could have been the boys’ last game together, who knows? Well the SBJYA is supposed to but they don’t seem to know….further updates to come! Anyway, Kelso got off to the worst possible start when Lauder scored after about 20 seconds, and no I am not joking!  The away team started to get into the game but Lauder kept up the pressure and eventually scored again with a shot from distance surprisingly lobbing the Kelso goalie.  Half-time score Lauder 2-0 Kelso.

The visitors came out firing in the second half and it didn’t take long for Owen Cranston to pull a goal back.  A cross was put into the box and Owen had no right to win the subsequent contest in the air but he somehow did to start the comeback.  Lauder seemingly fell asleep and Mikey Kavannagh, who has been impressive lately, finished after centre-back Josh Abbott ran up the wing beating about 4 players in the process and played him through on goal.  Kelso were back level.  It got even better for Kelso when that man Owen Cranston brushed aside two defenders to get his brace and Kelso back in front.  Kelso did not stop there.  Numerous chances followed but then a seemingly harmless Lauder long-ball was controlled and smashed into the far corner to tie the score once again.  The last 10 minutes were very hectic as the battle for third in the league was coming to a close with chances at both ends.  However, it was heartbreak for Kelso as one of the performances of the season was ruined by a late Lauder winner as the defence fell asleep at a corner.  Final score Lauder 4-3 Kelso.

As I said, this was the last game of the season for Kelso but the season is not completely over as the Kelso FC Family Day (Saturday 17th June) is still to come where the Player of the Season Awards will be presented.  Further updates to come on the future of this team as soon as the Coaches know any more.  Report by Rhys Lawrence (S4)

Job / Apprenticeship Opportunities