Business Studies Home

The Business Studies Department is located in the new block area of the school and comprises two rooms each equipped with 20 computers and a digital projector.  

We offer a wide variety of choice for pupils from S1-S3 in relation to the real life business world, making effective use of ICT and providing enterprising opportunities to create and design their own products and services. Pupils in S4 through to S6 also have the option of specialising in the study of Business Management and/or Administration at various levels up to and including Higher.

Within the Business Studies department, we advocate the importance of theoretical knowledge in the business world but place an important emphasis on the practical skills needed to be able to work and live in the modern business world. Pupils are actively encouraged to use and develop their problem solving and analysis skills as well as becoming enterprising young individuals.,

Our course in years 1 to 3 develops skills in typing (touch-typing) and making effective use of software packages including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher.

S2 pupils have the additional option of a Marketing course where they develop knowledge of how to create a successful marketing campaign and the use of various methods of advertising. In S3, there is an Enterprise option which provides pupils with the opportunity to design, create and manufacture their very own product to be sold to both pupils and staff in school.

Our senior courses include Business Management which incorporates the 4 functional areas of business: Marketing; Human Resources; Operations and Finance as well as Administration which focuses on developing ICT skills in Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word alongside the role of Administrators in the workplace at both junior and senior levels.

We actively encourage collaborative work, sharing ideas, discussions and negotiation activities to ensure pupils experience and understand the importance and relevance of what they are studying.

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