Higher Modern Studies

Entry Requirements

Standard Grade in a social subject preferably at Grade 1
Intermediate 2 in a Social subject at grade A or B
Higher English or prospects of

It must be emphasised that pupils need to have a good command of English and must be able to write in sufficient depth and detail in essays.

Course Content

Politics in the UK

    This unit is split into two different study themes :

  • Devolved Decision Making in Scotland
  • Electoral Systems, Voting and Political Attitudes

Social Issues in the UK

  • Wealth & Health Inequalities in the UK

International Issues

    Again, this unit is split into two different study themes : 

  • The United States of America
  • China

Teaching Methods

Discussion and pupil opinion of the issues covered are very much encouraged at Higher level, in addition to class written work which include essays and reports.


  • Pupils must pass assessments for each of the three units
  • There is a Prelim in February
  • The external exam is in May to determine your grade


Regular homework is given out in the form of essays and reports.   In addition, pupils are encouraged to keep an eye on current affairs and what is happening in the wider world.

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