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Modern Studies is an exciting subject which informs pupils about the social, political and international issues within the UK and the world. In Modern Studies we encourage our pupils to become more responsible, informed and confident young people who have a vast knowledge of social and political events throughout the UK and the world.      

Modern Studies is very varied and interesting offering all pupils an insight to the society they live in and encourages a tolerance and empathy for alternative ideologies and circumstances. We use a range of teaching methods to promote learning which include written reports, presentations, role plays and other wide ranging techniques.





Ms  F  James Social Subjects Faculty Head  Rm 56
Mr Liam Lyall Room 61

Classes Taught:


Introduction to Modern Studies

How to gather information in Modern Studies   

Human Rights

Child Soldiers

Democracy and Elections



Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination

Show racism the red card campaign.

Conflict and Terrorism



Pressure Groups

The Role of the Media

International Study

Election Study


National 4/5

Social Issue: Crime and Law

Politics Unit: Democracy in Scotland

World Issue: Terrorism  


New Higher Modern Studies

Social Issue: Social Inequality

Politics Unit: Democracy in Scotland

World Power: America


New Higher Politics

Political Theory

Political Systems

Political Parties and Elections


Advanced Higher Modern Studies

Law and Order

Research Methods




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Modern Studies Home
Modern Studies Home
Modern Studies Home
Modern Studies Home