S1-S2 Science

The aims of the Course are for learners to:

  • develop basic knowledge and understanding of science
  • develop an understanding of science’s role in scientific issues and relevant applications of science in society and the environment
  • develop scientific inquiry and investigative skills
  • develop scientific analytical thinking skills in a science context
  • develop the use of technology, equipment and materials, safely, in practical scientific activities
  • develop problem solving skills in a science context
  • use scientific literacy in everyday contexts
  • establish the foundation for more advanced learning in science

S1 starts with a Skills based Topic called 'Be Scientific' which introduces and develops the skills needed for Investigative work.

Therafter, the following Topics will be studied:

  • Planet Earth
  • Materials
  • Forces
  • Cells
  • Biological Systems
  • Electricity

In between major Topics, small stand-alone Problem Solving activities will be met - some involving other departments within the school.

Assessment will be a combination of evidence based on individual activities as well as End of Topic Tests. Booklets listing knowledge required for these Tests will be issued for each Topic, along with practice questions.

If a pupil misplaces their copy then digital versions are available to download from this page.