Biology Home


  • Mrs Patricia Stewart (Principal Teacher of Science Faculty)
  • Mr Ray Baxter
  • Miss Frances Carragher
  • Mrs Cathy Scott (Biology Technician)

Accommodation comprises of three laboratories, a technician's laboratory and a Science base that is used by both staff and S6 students.

Caring for living things

238 Caring for Life









Classes Taught

  • S1-3 CfE Science 
  • S3 Biology
  • National 4/5 Biology
  • CfE Higher Biology
  • CfE Advanced Higher

In S1 and S2 an integrated Science course is offered for 4 periods a week.

S3 have the option of choosing from two levels of Biology course taught for 2 periods a week. One is a preparation for starting an N4/5 course in Biology or Environmental Science in S4 while the other course is a preparation for the N4 Science course in S4.

N4/5 Biology is offered to S4/S5 & S6 and is taught over 5 periods a week. Higher Biology is offered to S5/6 and is taught over 6 periods a week.

Advanced Higher Biology is offered to S6. Various models can be used. Presently, pupils from Jedburgh GS & Kelso HS study together with 2 periods taught in Kelso and 2 periods taught in Jedburgh. Extra study periods are arranged in their 'home' school.

Aims of Biology Department

The Biology department strives to inspire and cultivate an interest in biological sciences for all students. We aim to provide a broad biological education not only to encourage students to lead a healthy, scientifically informed lifestyle but also to prepare those aspiring to university level study.

Subject Overview

An understanding of Biology is central to our health and well-being not only as individuals but to society as a whole. To be a responsible citizen in today’s world we need an understanding of a diverse range of topics including health-related issues, food production, biodiversity and conservation, global warming, genetic engineering and genetic profiling.

Life After Biology at Kelso High School...

Many of our students have left KHS to successfully pursue a variety of biology-based careers including medicine, vet medicine, environmental science, conservation, agriculture, genetics, biochemistry, and medical research. 
Click here to be inspired by what some of our former students have been up to since leaving KHS.