Support for Learning Home

There are two full-time teachers and one part-time teacher in the Support for Learning Department under the leadership of Mrs Elaine Dyer, Principal Teacher. 

Accommodation is comprised of four teaching areas, a quiet room, an IT suite and a kitchen area.

The Support for Learning Department offers support to students not only through small group teaching within the department, but also through the provision of support to students in whole school classes.  In addition, the Support for Learning Department offers a consultancy service to whole school colleagues, plus advises on and assists with curriculum and resource development.

Aims of Our Department

To ensure all students are able to access high quality teaching and learning within a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum in order that they reach their full potential, at the same time as developing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Wherever possible, and taking into account individual need, to ensure students identified as having learning difficulties share the whole school experience alongside their peers and within the normal curriculum.

To provide a quiet space away from the “hurly burly” of the whole school for those students seeking such.

Teaching Staff                                                   ANAs

Mrs E Dyer PT                                                    Mrs M Heatlie

Mr J Finn                                                              Mrs F Mulroy

Ms C McDermott                                                Mrs C Renton

Mrs J Ozwell                                                       Mrs M Waldie


Mrs Dyer, PT
Ms McDermott
Mrs Ozwell
Mrs Mulroy
Mrs Waldie
Mrs Renton