Librarian: Mrs Annette Woolfson

Kelso High School Library is part of the Scottish Borders Council network of public and schools libraries and is open every school day as follows:

Monday - Wednesday 9.30 - 2.30

Mrs Woolfson is always available to help and advise pupils on appropriate books and other resources to support subject topics and recreational reading.


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The Library in Kelso High School aims to:

  • provide relevant and up-to-date resources to stimulate the intellectual growth of all pupils by enhancing their breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding
  • promote literacy skills across the curriculum by providing opportunities for all pupils to find pleasure and benefits from reading
  • work with all school departments and staff to support and develop pupil research, independent study and recreational reading
  • provide access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) resources
  • provide a welcoming and attractive environment that encourages the use of the library facilities.
  • acknowledge the need to cater for all types of learning styles by providing facilities for individual and group work, silent study and discussion, book and non-book based learning.

From Bart Simpson to William Shakespeare.......... the Library stocks a wide range of Fiction and Non- Fiction resources .

From 'How do you spell that ?' to 'What's the population of..?' a large reference section is well stocked with dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases and factfinders.

From Word-processing to Cyberspace.......... a small computer suite is provided in the library providing access to both the intranet and internet.

From Harry Potter to Mein Kampf......... books may be borrowed from other local libraries and through the nationwide Inter Library Loans system.


World Book Day is celebrated annually in March

The Library Committee organises many different events, quizzes and competitions throughout the school on World Book Day.

E-mail a Book Review

Pupils are encouraged to use this facility on the school intranet. A competition is held each year for the best review submitted by each year group. A large database of reviews has been established which enables pupils to access their peers' opinions of books they may be considering reading.

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