Parental Information


Kelso High School Library is part of the Scottish Borders Council network of public, school and mobile libraries and as such offers a full range of bibliographic services.

It is staffed by a full-time School Librarian and is open every school day from 9.45 – 3.45 pm.


The library is open at morning intervals and from 1pm at lunchtimes for pupils to do homework, use computers, read or exchange books.

Kelso High School Library aims to:

  • Provide pupils and staff with access to relevant and up-to-date resources
  • Encourage recreational and class reading
  • Encourage and assist pupils to develop research skills
  • Encourage and assist pupils to develop literacy and numeracy skills
  • Provide access to IT resources

The Librarian, Mrs S Guthrie, is always available to help and advise pupils on appropriate books and other resources to support subject topics and recreational reading.

From Bart Simpson to William Shakespeare……..

The library stocks a wide range of Fiction and Non-Fiction resources in order to:

  • Provide support across all abilities to all subjects
  • Provide additional materials for pupils to use when researching topics for class-work and homework.
  • Encourage recreational reading by providing novels, books about hobbies and interests, magazines and talking books.

From Fur Coats to Designer Babies…….

Both the English and Faith & Philosophy Departments encourage pupils to think and write about topical and moral issues throughout their school life. In addition to a comprehensive range of books on these issues, pupils have access to Information Packs which are up-dated with newspaper clippings, leaflets, addresses etc.

From “How do you spell that?” to “what’s the population of?”……….

A large reference section is well stocked with dictionaries, language encyclopaedias, atlases and fact-finders.

No question need go unanswered!

From Word-processing to Cyberspace………

Five computers are available in the library allowing pupils access to the school Intranet and the wider Internet for the purposes of :

  • Research
  • Preparing essays, reports and dissertations
  • Preparing Power Point Presentations


The computers can be booked for use at any time of day – handy when typing up dissertations!

From Harry Potter to Mein Kampf………

As part of Scottish Borders Council Library Service the school library can borrow books from other libraries within the region. Pupils may request books via the Vubis on-line web-site or by asking the librarian to do it for them.

For pupils in S5/6 who require specialist books or magazine articles for Advanced Higher subjects requests can be made by the librarian using the Inter-Library Loans service whereby books / articles will be sourced anywhere in the UK.


Inter Library Loan requests should be made as early as possible since they may take a few weeks to fulfil

From Kelso High School to the Big Wide World……….

Separate to, but part of the main library, is a Careers Library which all pupils are encouraged to use.

The following information can be accessed:

  • Prospectuses for all Scottish Universities and Colleges
  • Books and advice on different careers and jobs
  • Careers information on the armed forces

Pupils in S4-S6 can request a Careers Appointment with a Careers Adviser from Skills Development Scotland.

Appointments request cards are available in the library.

Parents are very welcome to attend these interviews and can also arrange to see the Careers Adviser at Parents’ Nights.

Over to You…….

Because the school library is part of the SBC Library Service it operates in the same way as all public libraries do and, as members of the library, pupils are expected to adhere to Library Management rules.

In order to start using the school library in S1 a pupil must

  • have a Young Scot card (also known as a National Entitlement Card).
  • return a completed and signed Parental Consent form to Kelso High School Library

Young Scot card application forms are normally issued to pupils at the end of their P7 year in order for the returned forms to be processed and cards issued before the start of S1.

Parental Consent forms should also be issued to pupils in P7 and returned to KHS by the relevant primary school.

If you have not received a Parental Consent form and/or a Young Scot application form during P7, or if you are a new pupil, both are available from, and should be returned to, the school library.

Other operating procedures are as follows:

  • S1 – S4 pupils may borrow a maximum of 2 books from the school library. In S5/6 extra books may be borrowed by arrangement with the librarian
  • Books are loaned for a maximum period of 3 weeks after which they should be returned or the loan should be renewed.
  • Pupils should be encouraged to take very good care of their Young Scot cards but if their card should get lost or damaged, a replacement can be requested.
  • Once a pupil reaches the age of 16 they are required to re-register as Adult members of the Library Service.

Overdue Books

If a pupil forgets to return a book on time only 2 Overdue Notices will be sent by SBC Library Services directly to his/her home as follows:

  • 1st overdue notice -after the book has been overdue for 7 days.
  • The book should be returned as soon as possible and no charge is incurred.
  • 2nd overdue notice -after the book has been overdue for 30 days.
  • At this point the cost of the book together with an administration fee of £2.50 is charged to the reader.
  • If the book is then returned the administration fee cannot be waived (except under exceptional circumstances and at the Librarian’s discretion) and must be paid before any more books are borrowed.

If a book is lost or damaged then the book must also be paid for before any more books are borrowed.

Parents of pupils who are under the age of 16, and who have completed and signed a Parental Consent Form permitting their child to become a library member, are ultimately responsible for any library items their child borrows and should be aware that an administration fee of £2.50 will be applied to the borrower’s records and pupils will be suspended from borrowing books until all items are returned and accounts settled.

Pupils over the age of 16, and who have completed and signed an Adult Registration Form are responsible for their own library books but should also be aware of the £2.50 administration fee imposed by Library Services

Please note that all pupils can return or renew books at the following times throughout the school day:

  • Morning Registration
  • Morning Interval
  • Lunchtimes from 1pm onwards
  • Designated English reading periods.

It is also possible to renew loans by phone or at public libraries.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the facilities and services offered in the School Library please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Your support in encouraging your children to use the library would be much appreciated and we will do our best to ensure that they enjoy the experience.