Membership & Borrowing

All pupils must be a registered member of the library service in order to borrow books.

If you are not already a member of your local public library you can join the school library by completing a registration form, which are available from Mrs Guthrie.

All pupils should have applied for and received a Young Scot Card (also called a National Entitlement Card) at the end of Primary 7. You must use this card to borrow or re-new library books.

Any pupils who haven’t applied for a Young Scot Card can get an application form from the library.

Pupils who lose or damage Young Scot Cards should ask Mrs. Guthrie to request a replacement for them.

Borrowing Books

33 KHS Library Borrowing

  • Pupils may borrow a maximum of two books for three weeks.
  • Pupils are asked to return their books by the due date. Failure to do so will automatically generate an overdue notice issued by Library Headquarters. These are sent to pupils’ home address.
  • Pupils can request any title from the Scottish Borders Library Catalogue free of charge.
  • At the Librarian’s discretion, senior pupils may be permitted to borrow more than 2 books.