Literacy Home

In Kelso High School, literacy development is regarded as a key priority.

Improving listening and talking, reading and writing in Kelso High School is a fundamental means of providing our learners with skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.  As well as building reading, writing and communication skills, our pupils will be supported to move on to the development of advanced literacy skills, including critical thinking, analysis, evaluating and interpretation.

Literacy is a whole school responsibility.  All members of the Kelso High School community are expected to support and promote the drive to raise standards of literacy by employing consistent approaches and expectations across the school.
In Kelso High School literacy is seen as an integral part of every subject.

In all subjects pupils should be encouraged:

  • to express themselves accurately and clearly - in both oral and written communication
  • to develop reading skills to use grammatically correct sentences
  • to spell and punctuate in order to communicate effectively.

Literacy for Learning is the responsibility of all staff.

Click the link below to access Kelso High School’s Literacy WIKI.