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Policy Statement

“Physical Education provides the foundation for the development of concepts & skills necessary for participation in physical activity. It should inspire and challenge children and young people through opportunities to experience the joy of skilled, creative and efficient movement and to develop interpersonal skills and positive attitudes to active living. This should give children and young people an important foundation for engaging in physical activities and sport, in preparation for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle”.
(CfE : HWB Experiences & Outcomes)


The general aims of our department are based on the following:

  • Physical Education is a fun and enjoyable experience
  • To provide a wide range of courses and activities which meet the needs and interests of our pupils
  • Staff use a variety of stimulating approaches to teaching and learning
  • To provide a welcoming, inclusive and challenging environment that encourages all pupils to achieve their full potential
  •  To foster positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle through class and extra-curricular activities
KHS Cross Country 2013
KHS PE Canoeing
KHS Community Dance Evening
KHS Sports Day 2013
KHS PE Cricket
KHS SportsDay 2013